Turkey day fun!

How was Thanksgiving? Mine was messed up as usual. I went to cook at my mother's house, and she had changed her mind and didn't want to eat until late. This was around 9:30 AM. Ho-kay... So I was bummed because I even dressed nice and wanted to spend time with my family, and because she hadn't told me earlier.
So I decided to go see my Dad. I too the nice vacuum, and went to attack is dusty rugs. We talked did some yoga, He went out to do some work around the house, and I vacuumed until I could vacuum no more. OCD relief. Clean rugs make my OCD happy. Then I went outside. It was a cool- or warm by Maine standards day. And my Dad asked if I wanted to help spread gravel/sand mix in the driveway. He had 7 yards to go across the recently widened driveway.

So I spent Turkey Day raking gravel across the driveway before it rained today.

Oh well it beat last year, which involved cleaning up my grandfather's nicotine soaked apartment.
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